Asset Tracking & Asset Maintenance

Companies need to maintain an accurate inventory of their valuable fixed assets, including computers, office equipment and furniture, vehicles etc. Some organizations need to count fixed assets once or twice a year, but are discouraged by the complexity and time required. The use of barcode asset tags greatly simplifies the process, taking only one tenth the time and providing a more accurate count.TMUK offers an easy to use and affordable barcode-based asset and inventory solution. From small businesses to enterprise level organisations, verifying the status and whereabouts of valuable fixed assets, or the counting and transferring of inventory is as simple as scanning a barcode. Maintaining asset records in a fast-paced business environment can be a time-consuming and nearly impossible task, without the right tools and technology.The combination of barcode scanning technology, a simple to use PC application, reporting, and wizard-based import and export functionality produces a highly effective record-keeping system to maintain an up-to-date fixed asset database, with a complete history of asset movement and all changes. In addition, track the movement of service and spares inventory and consumables, and keep a record of issues to staff, jobs or projects.

The Cost From Just 50p